This regional collection features local wildlife in an abstract setting.  Poured, recycled paint is the foundation of the background, along with contained shapes.  The idea is to “capture” the bird as if in one of those breathless moments when you barely have a chance to register the habitat; the bird is the focus — larger than life.


The photographic sources for the images are all from local birders and photographers whom I know (or met through IG.) One image is from a cousin who is a fishing and hunting guide.  


Originally this series was sort of an offshoot of a fun project I started online with my first followers, where I asked for pictures people had taken of birds.  I called it For My Peeps.  So fun.  I got pictures of parrots and owls and peacocks and flamingos, and on and on and on.  I painted several and it gradually became this big, blue and green series.



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